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The Eberly Award, first presented in 1974, is given annually to the goalie with the best save percentage. The winning goalie must participate in two games to qualify. The award is named after Glen and Dan Eberly, former Beanpot goaltenders at Boston University and Northeastern University, respectively.

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YearPlayer (School)SavesGoalsSave %GAA
1974Ed Walsh (BU)506.8933.00
1975Brian Durocher (BU)545.9152.50
1976Paul Skidmore (BC)706.9213.00
1977Brian Petrovek (HU)465 .902 2.50
1978Ed Arrington (NU)517.8793.50
1979Paul Skidmore (BC)576.9053.00
1980George Demetroulakas (NU)409.8164.50
1981Wade Lau (HU)362.9471.00
1982Bob O'Connor (BC)675.9302.50
1983Bill Switaj (BC)586.9063.00
1984Tim Marshall (NU)545.9152.50
1985Bruce Racine (NU)634.9402.00
1986Scott Gordon (BC)516.8953.00
1987Terry Taillefer (BU)706.9213.00
1988Bruce Racine (NU)503.9431.50
1989Rich Burchill (NU)679.8824.50
1990Scott Cashman (BU)525.9122.50
1991Tom Cole (NU)865.9452.50
1992Scott Cashman (BU)596.9083.00
1993Scott Cashman (BU)416.8723.00
1994Greg Taylor (BC)665.9302.11
1995Derek Herlofsky (BU)513.9441.50
1996Tom Noble (BU)525.9122.64
1997Marc Robitaille (NU)684.9442.00
1998Marc Robitaille (NU)757.9153.51
1999Michel Larocque (BU)654.9421.92
2000Rick DiPietro (BU)521.9810.50
2001Scott Clemmensen (BC)364.9002.00
2002Matti Kaltiainen (BC)424.9132.02
2003Sean Fields (BU)593.9521.50
2004Sean Fields (BU)854.9551.90
2005Keni Gibson (NU)654.9421.54
2006Cory Schneider (BC)615.9242.53
2007John Curry (BU)641.9850.48
2008 Brad Thiessen (NU) 70 8 .897 4.06
2009 Brad Thiessen (NU) 74 6 .925 3.00
2010 John Muse (BC) 64 3 .955 1.53
2011 Chris Rawlings (NU) 80 7 .920 3.36
2012 Kieran Millan (BU) 73 4 .948 1.72
2013 Parker Milner (BC) 39 4 .907 2.00
2014 Thatcher Demko (BC) 56 2 .966 1.00

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